Anasounds La Brute - Bundle : 1 pedal 1 cable 1 tank

Article number: LABRUTE-BUNDLE
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The La Brute bundle includes the Element reverb pedal, a medium reverb tank and a cable to connect the pedal to the reverb tank.

The Element Reverb uses a real spring reverb tank for authentic spring reverb sounds. The Element pedal has all of the normal connections of a pedal with one exception, on top of the pedal is a mini jack plug output to plug into a reverb tank. Controls on the face of the pedal are as you would expect. There is a Out knob, used for controlling the amount of reverb volume is available. A Mix knob controls the ration of dry and wet signal. The Low and High knobs help to EQ any frequencies you would like to add or remove. The two-way toggle switch in the center controls spring saturation. In the up position the spring behaves as a normal spring reverb. In the down position, you get an increase in output level, which allows you to get a fuzz/overdrive sound from your reverb tank.

If you're looking for a true spring reverb sound in a pedal, this is the perfect solution. The reverb tank can be mounted underneath a pedalboard or anywhere else you desire.

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