Anasounds Ego Driver

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The Ego Driver is a overdrive/distortion based on the Tubescreamer. Controls on the face of the pedal give you quick access to main parameters of the overdrive effect. The Out level controls volume. The Gain knob moves through the saturation. The Tone knob cuts and boosts selected frequencies. The Voicing switch has three positions. In the middle is the original signal, click down for a change in the capacitor, and clicking up gives you more bass response. The Clipping switch chooses between the diodes. 

Inside of the pedal are terminal blocks and trimpots. The terminal blocks allow you to change out capacitors or diodes, which then can be selected by the toggle on the face of the pedal. Different capacitors give you different voicings, from bassier to more treble. The diodes gives you different saturation and harmonics. Internal trimpots can be used to add or subtract gain, adjust bass frequency response, and change the capacitor reaction. 
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