Alexander Neo Series Quadrant Audio Mirror

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This is a very comprehensive delay. Choose from 4 different effect modes - MAG(Magnetic Tape Echo), BBD(Analog delay), DIG(Digital Delay), or LOFI. Each mode has unique characteristics for different types of delay, including longer feedback, more oscillation, or gritty, overdriven tones. You can also choose to have the trails continue after the effect is turned off or make it stop dead.


Rate:  Controls the delay time from 0-1220ms. If Glide is disabled, the time will adjust seamlessly. If Glide is enabled, the time will pitch-shift and get all "rubber-bandy" (technical term.)

(Tone):  Controls the tone of the delay engine. Controls the grunge and grit of the LOFI mode.

Feedback:  Controls the repeat level of the delay. The BBD and LOFI modes will go into infinite / runaway feedback.

(Glide): Controls the delay time change method. If Glide is set to less than 12 o'clock, the delay time will adjust seamlessly when tapped or adjusted with the Time knob. If Glide is set to greater than 12 o'clock, the delay time will pitch shift when adjusted.

Mix:  Controls the blend between the dry and delay signal.  Equal mix is at 12 o'clock.

(Level):  Controls the overall output level of the pedal, from -20dB to +10dB.  Unity gain is near 1 o'clock.

Mod:  Adjusts the depth of the delay modulation.

(Rate): Adjusts the rate of the delay modulation.

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