Alexander Neo Series Defender Stargate Drive

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The Defender allows you to choose from 3 different, distinct types of overdrive/distortion and then add a layer of effect on top of that! Choose from Overdrive, Distortion, or Fuzz settings on the drive side. On the effect side, choose from Polyphonic Pitch shifting, Space modulation, or a lowpass filter mod. Plenty of controls to be had to tailor the sound to your liking. Level, Drive, (Warp), Light, (Blend), Matter, and (Tweak) controls give you tons of possibilities! This pedal can also be hooked up to an expression pedal for further real-time adjustments, a separate foot switch for preset select or Warping features, and a MIDI/USB port for MIDI control and firmware updates.

This pedal can powered via a 9-volt adapter(adapter not included).

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